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How to redeem Community Credits?

Go to Redeem Credits and redeem your converted crcreis (community credits converted to the conversion unit) for great game-changing things in the community, like badges, and more!

Gray Badge
500 Community Credits
Purchase a gray badge that says anything of your choice! (Must follow TOS)
Account Makeover
3000 Community Credits
The owner will makeover a new look for your account! New PFP, banner, maybe a new slick-lookin' username. It's gonna be good!
Custom Message
1500 Community Credits
Get @BloxerBro to send a custom message to show your friends! (Must follow TOS)
Topic Request
4500 Community Credits
Get your very own topic!
Conversion Rate Increase +1
1000 Community Credits
Increase the conversion count!
Conversion Rate Decrease -1
1000 Community Credits
Decrease the conversion count!
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